9 thoughts on “AA Drawings and Cartoons

    • I just saw them today!! I used one for our newsletter ( is that wrong? ) I would love to use more, and your articles, in the future. they are so bright and beautiful and honest and practical. real. ❤ love them!
      District 11/Area 34 in Traverse City, MI!


  1. Hi Ann,
    I want you to know that I absolutely adore your cartoons and I have been sharing them in my Daily Gratitude emails on my site https://soberdoesntsuck.com. I always give credit to the source (you, and your site)! I tried to tweet your site to my followers on Twitter (@soberdoesntsuck.com), but I couldn’t find you on Twitter. Am I missing something or doing something wrong? If you want to go there and find me, I would be most grateful! I’d love to follow you there, as well.


    • Hi! Thank you for your comment on my cartoons. I am happy that you have been sharing them. I haven’t actively worked on my blog for a few years. I am still sober (almost twelve years now), but I went back to school. I have been insanely busy, and I had to set the blog aside. I was on Twitter a long time ago, but I no longer am. Anywho, thank you for reaching out. You are welcome to share anything from my blog that you want. I will definitely check out your site. Thank you for reaching out. Best regards.


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